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‘உனக்குள் நான்’ திரைப்படத்தின் முன்னோட்டம்

‘உனக்குள் நான்’ திரைப்படத்தின் முன்னோட்டம்


Unakkul Naan (I’m Within You) is a film that travels through the mind of a kid. A school boy who happens to watch a film inside a theatre is put back to studies by his dad who works as a Film Operator at the same theatre. Later on the Kid jumps into his world of Fantasy where he feels the Joy of being a child and also understands the reality of human life and its elements. The Kid is been denied of mother’s love as his mother is in the hands of god watching him from Heaven.

This is a story of a Kid who loves and lives with his mom in his world of fantasies.  This is a highly experimental Feature film shot inside A Theatre and has been portrayed through parallel cinema.

Running Time: 77:04 (CBFC)

Classification: U (CBFC) Feature

This is an Independent Feature Film Directed and Produced by Venkatesh Kumar.G under his production house Studio18.

The film stars Master.Sanjith as the lead. A 5 year old boy has carried the film on his shoulders.

Supporting Artists:

Karthik Nagarajan



Cinematography: Rahul Rajkumar

Original Score: Tony Britto


Vivek Velmurugan (Athirum Nadiyil)

Mallika.G (En Uyire)


Santosh Narayanan (Athrium Nadiyil)

Soumya Ramnarayanan (En Uyire)

Editing: Surendhar.C

Designs: Sakthi Priya.G

Creative Head: Selvathasan

Production: STUDIO18 (Venkatesh Kumar.G)

Overseas Distribution: AP International

Music Label: Trend Music

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Venkatesh Kumar.G

Audio Launch will highlight live performance of Santosh Narayanan for ‘Athirum Nadiyil’.

Release: March 2016.

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