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இனம் – திரை முன்னோட்டம்

இனம் – திரை முன்னோட்டம்

Story Synopsis

Rajini, a 20 year old girl, has crossed the sea, and come to seek refugee status. Through the interrogation she reveals that she comes from a family without families. The story begins with a New entrant to the Tsunami Akka’s Orphanage a 17 year old “special” child. He has a knife and is in search of his brother, who has joined the rebels as the final war begins.

The film explores the relations and turmoil of these teen aged orphans, as they journey through dramatic incidents that explode around them as they try to survive.

Character List

Sugandha – Ragini
Karan – Nandhan
Saritha – Tsunami Akka
Karunas – Stanley sir
Janaki – Stella
Shyam Sundar – Ravi
Sowmya – Ayesha
Tasleem – Muthu

Techinician’s List

Producers – Mubina Rottensey, Santhosh sivan, N.Subash Chandra Bose
Director – Santhosh sivan
Cinemotography – Santhosh sivan
Dialogue – Aarthi Sivakumar, Shyam Sundar
Editor – T.S.Suresh
Music – C.Vishal
Lyrics – Charukesh
Art – Sunil Babu
Costume Design – Eka Lahani, Kusbhu Doshi
Publicity Design : Jayaram Posterwala
Pro – Johnson

Song List

Song-1 – Kolusum Illa – Sung bu Vishal.c
Song-2 – Londinale Akka Sutta Dosai – Sung by Karunas
Song-3 – Yezhu Kurukku Rendu Nadukku – Sung by Reshmi Sateesh

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