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Unique Web TV in Tamil – Exclusively for Women..!

Unique Web TV in Tamil – Exclusively for Women..!

Sthree means Woman, woman is the epitome of tenderness, care, and wisdom and Woman is a divine light who by virtue of her sacrifices lives the life of a candle which defies darkness.

We are an exclusive web television network in Tamil language, created exclusively for women across the world. The vision of “Sthree TV” is to virtually integrate the entire population of Tamil Women under one roof and most importantly giving them a feel of companionship in all the walk of their lives.

Sthree TV will telecast 24 unique programs across various domains that will be of immense value for women. These 24 programs are slotted for a 10 minute duration. The wide range of domains has been researched thoroughly to understand the viewership needs and patterns exclusively by women audience and thus arrived at these 24 unique programs. The viewership content per day is totaled to 240 minutes / 4 hours (24 programs of 10 minute duration).

These 4 hours of rich content will be repeated 4 times a day, keeping in mind the time zones of the primary audience across the world. Apart from the live broadcast of these programs on a daily basis, the entire delivery content is stored in the web repository under 24 categories. Viewers can choose the programs they wish to watch under any of the stored category. 

All the programs covered under these 24 unique categories are aimed at creating a holistic web program addressing all those areas that are of immense value for women. These programs will be telecasted in HD quality utilizing the latest technological advancement to give a wonderful viewing experience for our audience. Reputed dignitaries with higher Star Value in the respective areas have been roped in as Anchors for these programs.

These programs will be shot in almost all of the international locations at random, which will also ensure the global audience to connect with these locales either as native or as foreign. This will also give wider opportunity for the global audience to participate in these programs.

Apart from being present in the web as a Web TV, we will also go all out in promoting the brand to the hilt using all the available social networking sites including, facebook, twitter, Blogs, etc.

We are an innovative and enterprising team, on a venture to integrate the women of this geography under one roof.

Let’s celebrate womanhood.

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