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“தோழா’ படம் கே.பாலசந்தர் படம் போல இருக்கிறது..” – கார்த்தியின் பெருமிதம்..!

“தோழா’ படம் கே.பாலசந்தர் படம் போல இருக்கிறது..” – கார்த்தியின் பெருமிதம்..!


An emotional feel-good ‘Thozha’ didn’t limit itself with the film, but spread out the pleasantness beyond it. The audiences, film critics and everyone across the cities and towns carried home the beautiful message of ‘Life is Beautiful and let us celebrate it’ and so looked the entire cast and crew of  ‘Thozha’ at the Thanks giving meet.


Karthi was pretty exhilarated with emotions as he said, “I finally got more hugs and appreciations after the screening to media channels. This is something that happened years after my debut film ‘Paruthiveeran’.

The biggest of all appreciations was my mother applauding my performance seeing me as a happy guy. She was so worried that I have been spotted serious for four years and now elated to see me happy. I turned more emotional getting the best acclaims and appreciations from parents, friends, media and audiences.

We have all been working unceasingly to meet the financial demands and during this process miss the beauty of life. I have felt bad many times to see my daughter sleep as I reach home late nights.

‘Thozha’ was a self-realization for me to understand the value of life. I am so much humbled to hear the appreciations utter, “Thozha offered an experience of K Balachandar film..”

Karthi jocularly mentioned that he is already prepared for Thozha 2 and Nagarjuna sir ready to accept the offer on one condition – He has to be cured at any cost and become happier in the sequel…

Nagarjuna was seen with the mixed feeling of emotions and happiness as he said, “There are films that become super hit and blockbuster. But few films gain both respect along with numbers in box office. This is what actors like us and filmmakers look for.

Thozha has renewed my confidence and this has urged me to work more towards this good films. Having been in the industry for 30 years, there have been times, when I lose enthusiasms and interest.

But working with Karthi has renewed my energy and I am awakened like my early days and my next film would be much good.”

Film maker Vamsi expressed his words of thanks saying, “My happiness found no ends when I got a call from legendry Mahendran sir. I would like to touch his feet as blessing for his kind words. I earnestly thank Raju Murugan and Murgesh Babu for their dialogues….”

The occasion also witnessed the galore of others in the cast and crew including writer Murgesh Babu, Editor Praveen KL, Black Pandi and Nikita Anand.

Rajeev, PVP Cinemas addressed the gathering with his welcome note and thanks for the great support of media. 

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