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ர – Movie Teaser

ர – Movie Teaser

Ra which means to Take away in Ancient Tolkappiyam , an apt title for the film which revolves around the lead character Ajay and his quest to find answers to the unsolved mystery in his life.

Starring: Ashraf, Lawrence Ramu, JP Jay, Aditi Chengappa, Gita Babu, Ravi Prakasam, Rethika
An Raj Aryan Musical
Singer and Lyrics: Lawrence Ramu

Full Crew:

Editing: Prem Boominathan
Cinematography: Saravanan R
Stunt: Dilip Subbarayan
Producers: Ameen and Akbar
Story, Screenplay: Ashraf and Prabu Yuvaraj
Direction: Prabu Yuvaraj

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