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IPLAY is a unique family entertainment zone in Phoenix Market City, Velachery, Chennai. IPLAY currently offers XD Cinema an Extra Dimensional Cinema experience with various environmental effects including Snow, Smoke, Bubbles, and Thunder Storm etc along with seat movement completely in synchronization with the movie scenes.

IPLAY also has snow play which is maintained at minus 5*C and also has continuous and real snowfall. Snow play is a lovely play area and great experience for the entire family.

Iplay excitingly presents “ THE MAGIC HOUSE” the first of the kind entertainment attraction in India. THE MAGIC HOUSE is a Holographic Show a completely redefining and breathtaking experience.

THE MAGIC HOUSE is a great visual treat with combinations of Laser beams & multiple video beamers and is also a musical extravaganza with high-end surround systems. THE MAGIC HOUSE is bound to take every patron of all age groups from the toddlers to the retired on a fantasy journey completely filled with colors, joy, amusement.

THE MAGIC HOUSE will ensure one agapes the irresistible experience they have. When one exits the MAGIC HOUSE  he is sure to ask himself “ What just Happened? ” “ where did I just go?” “  “Did I really experience what I just did?”THE MAGIC HOUSE presents a spectacular show “A Trip To Paradise “. This show revolves around 2 teenagers who go o a Magical Journey and also their trip back to earth.This high-energy show will ensure the audiences live their fantasies beyond imagination. This show is full of colors, joy surprises & More!!!

The Magic House is the product of German technology conceptualized along with the Indian team with an investment close to Euros 700,000.The Magic house is a state of Art Architecture bound to redefine the Quality of entertainment in India.

The Magic House has been Designed and Constructed by leading and renowned Architects & art directors. The magic House will quench the thirst and longing of every Indian for a world class entertainment experience in India.

The Magic House is the beginning of a revolution in the nascent Indian entertainment industry and will be fascinatingly welcomed by Indians. The Magic House also has immense Potential in attracting inbound tourist to Chennai.

The magic House in total is about 10 minute’s extravagant price at Rs.300/- per ticket.

Its open all days a week from 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM  it’s time to take from the mundane and enjoy life with exciting and Astonishment at IPLAY Phoenix market City Velachery Chennai Contact no. 8807151660.

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